Shiatsu translates as “finger pressure”.

Shiatsu is a Japanese manual therapy. Applying pressure to muscles and joints allows the body to relax at a deep level, which calms the mind as well.

Shiatsu works on the meridians; the same energetic pathways that the acupuncture points are on. Shiatsu allows the energy to flow freely again. It restores the energetic balance within the body. Complaints can be resolved and can be prevented in the future.

Shiatsu is given on a futon and one is fully clothed. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes.

Possible reasons for shiatsu

  • One hour to focus on your health
  • Tension in neck, shoulders and lower back
  • RSI, Burn out
  • Fatigue, sleeping problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Head ache
  • Pregnancy and care after giving birth
  • Difficulty with concentration and being quiet

Important: Shiatsu is a form of complementary care and should therefore never be regarded as a replacement of regular medical care.


A treatment takes about 1 hour and 15 mins for adults and 45 minutes for children under 16 years.

Adults: € 70,00    Children: € 45,00

Appointments can be cancelled up until 24 hours, otherwise I will charge the full amount.
Please click here for a list of reimbursements by health insurance companies.

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