Perfect Posture Step by Step

After many years working as a shiatsu therapist and chair massage therapist, it became evident to me how important posture and workspace are to avoid complaints.

Often people know that ‘something is not right’ about their work space, but they do not know how to improve it. Step by step I will examine your posture and after my visit it will be easy to optimize your workspace whenever you need to.

Since it is not possible for everyone to leave the office during the day, I also come to companies to give shiatsu. Employees will book their sessions with me and the company provides the space. A shiatsu session is more comprehensive than a chair massage and can address any complaints more effectively.

Shiatsu at the office

Chair massage

A chair massage takes between 10 and 30 minutes, during which head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and the back are treated. It will instantly give a sense of feeling relaxed and will alleviate common complaints.

In the long term chair massage offers a prevention against work related complaints, such as RSI and burn out. Chair massage is a great investment in the overall health of all employees at a company and it adds to an overall pleasant atmosphere.

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